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Director of Physical Therapy
Title:Director of Physical Therapy
Location:Brewton, AL
Department:PT Director
Status:Full Time
Director of Rehabilitation
Job Description/Summary
The Clinical Director shall be responsible for the operation of the facility and therapy services which will include personnel supervision, patient treatment, and evaluation, clerical, housekeeping, and channels of communication with patient, doctor, administrators.
  1. Supervising the work of the clinical staff and office staff.
  2. Care of the physical plant and machinery related to the Therapy Department.
  3. Preparation of and operation within an annual budget for personnel and equipment.
  4. Maintaining records.
  5. Maintaining standards as set down by the American Physical Therapy Association, American Occupational Therapy Association, National Athletic Trainers Association, American Speech and Hearing Association regarding treatment procedure and professional ethics.
  6. Interpretation of diagnosis and prescribed treatment to achieve maximum benefit and safety.
  7. Completion of patient records relative to physical medicine.
  8. The care of the patient while in the department.
  9. Administering correct treatments.
  10. Maintaining safety of property and patient under treatment.
  11. Other duties as assigned by the President and Vice President.
  1. Must have necessary requisites for licensure in the State of Alabama.
  2. Must know and utilize theory of Physical Medicine.
  3. Must have knowledge of machine operation and maintenance repairs of it.
  4. Must be able to apply the modalities used in physical medicine with full knowledge of their effects.
  5. Must have adequate knowledge of Human Anatomy, Physiology, and the effect of treatment procedure on the body function and structure.
  6. Must have basic knowledge of disease process in the human, causative factors and values of physical therapy agents in its relief.
  7. Must have full knowledge of sterile techniques and its modification on therapy.
  8. Must be familiar with policies of ENCORE REHABILITATION, INC., function and procedures relative to Therapy and related fields.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS  ~  Work is medium.

  1. Lifting and carrying equipment, supplies, and materials up to 50 lbs. without help, over 50 lbs. with the help of mechanical devices or other personnel.
  2. Stooping, pushing, and pulling when moving patient or equipment into position for treatment.
  3. Reaching for, handling, feeling, and manipulating equipment and patient when giving treatments.
  4. Talking/hearing to convey instructions and information to patients and staff members.
  5. Visual acuity to perceive reactions to treatment and to read instructions.
  6. Work inside.
  1. The Director is able to identify problems and suggest appropriate means of intervention. Organizes departmental activities to enhance the efficiency of departmental operations and personnel.
  2. Can evaluate personnel performance and effect change.
  3. Demonstrates a preference for working with people and is able to -motivate them to achieve optimum performance.
  4. Can coordinate many activities at once.
  5. Demonstrates the oral and written skills necessary to understand medical terminology, to communicate with staff, patients, and physicians, and to prepare meaningful reports.
  6. Has the knowledge of statistics and forms required for maintaining accurate departmental and patient records.
  7. Performs quality patient care, applies humanistic concepts in management, and demonstrates dedication to the profession through reliable and reasonable behavior.
  8. Performs self-evaluation and accepts criticism in a constructive manner.
  9. Able to work with individuals of all ages from neonates to geriatrics.
EDUCATION:   Minimally, a B.S. degree from an accredited institution offering training in this specialty.  A B.S. degree with a M.S. degree in a related field is desirable.
EXPERIENCE:  When educational requirements are met, previous experience is not necessary, but would be desirable.
REGISTERED:  Must be licensed by the Board of Physical Therapy in applicable State.
  • Directly supervises clinical and office staff.
  • Monitors daily operational procedures and makes changes as indicated.
  • Enforces facility policies and procedures and schedules departmental activities for the work week.
  • Provides training programs for department personnel.*
  • Orients all new employees, students, and volunteers.*
  • Interviews, hires, and fires clinic personnel.*
  • Coordinates clinical education activities by communicating with universities, assigning students to instructors, and supervising clinical instructors. The Director may delegate these activities as appropriate.
  • Performs all duties as they relate to a staff therapist.
SOURCE OF WORKERS:  From schools and from classified ads in professional publications.
SUPERVISED BY:  Regional Vice President, CEO and Senior Vice President/COO
WORKERS SUPERVISED:  Staff therapists, therapist assistants, technicians/aids, students and Office Managers. 
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